Thursday, August 5, 2010

Charlotte's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is FOUR years old...somehow that seems so old...and how did the time go by so quickly? Well, she had three birthday in Oklahoma, one with her friends on the day of her birthday, and one with Mormor and Papa to celebrate all the July birthdays in our family...Charlotte, Papa, and Uncle Rob. Here's some pictures from each of the celebrations.
She loved the Tinkerbell cake!
Blowing out the candle.
Giving Papa a taste of the frosting. 
And to celebrate on her actual birthday, we had planned to go to the park and have some cupcakes with friends...but the weather was cold and rainy!?! So we had them all over to our house.
Blowing out the candle, while Kaden looks on.
All the kids enjoying their cupcakes outside.
And to celebrate all the July birthdays, we went over to Papa and Mormor's house for dinner, cake, and presents.
July Birthdays-Papa, Charlotte, Uncle Rob
Blowing out the candles.
Charlotte's a little hesitant due to the fire on the candles...due to her experience at Shogun.
Happy Birthday!