Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Whole Gang

Well, we decided to get all of the kids together for a picture on Super Bowl Sunday...let's just say it was pretty crazy...but here they all are, from left to right: Avery (Mindy's baby,) Ivy (Jenny's baby,) Kaden (Kara's baby,) Manoah (Anjuli's baby,) Charlotte (mine,) and Penelope (Becca's baby.) This was the best shot we got, and of course Charlotte's shoving a cracker in her mouth! And we did get an especially cute one of Penny and Charlotte (see below).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Words

Charlotte has been taking her time with the whole talking thing, so we've been anxiously antipating her first words for a while now. A couple weeks ago she finally busted out with her first word, or rather phrase, "Oh yeah." Not at the top of the list for commonly heard first words, but we'll take it. And that's one of the things we love about our little girl...she has her own unique style. And more recently she's been saying the more commonly heard word among little ones, "Uh-oh." Of course this word is also unfortunately accompanied by the dropping of her cup, food, etc. which isn't too fun for mommy and daddy on clean up duty.

As for the pictures...we've had some trouble getting some good shots recently, because if flash is involved, she is not a fan of having her picture taken. (See tantrum picture below.) But I had to include a picture of her in the adorable hat she got from Aunt Stacy and Uncle Rob for Christmas. Hopefully she'll get over her fear of the camera soon and I'll have more to share with you.

Oh, and she following her father's footsteps...she likes to wear a chain with her wallet!