Friday, June 19, 2009

Charlotte's "First" Ice Cream Cone

This isn't the first ice cream cone we've ever given her...this is just the first one she's ever eaten and enjoyed. In the past, she wouldn't even try it because it was "too cold" but this time she enjoyed thoroughly.

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The Fair

We took our annual trip to the Del Mar Fair...and unfortunately I thought it would be a good idea to go on $2 Tuesday...and so did everyone else in San Deigo. Although we spent about as much time in the parking lot as we did in the fair, we still had a fun time.
Our friends from Hemet joined us--Tara & Butch, and their cute little girls Lainey and Adria. Charlotte had lots of fun with Lainey, and I think her favorite thing there was the ferris wheel (although it wasn't my favorite). But I had to act brave because Tara was freaking out and discovering that she has a fear of heights.